Get more

value from your

vehicle by leasing!

If you’re looking for a new or used car or truck, whether for personal or business use, we can customize a lease that’s right for you.

The value

of equipment

comes from using it,
not owning it!

Whether you’re looking to lease new equipment or setup a lease for existing equipment, we can help.

Vehicle Leasing

  • Find out about the various leasing options available through Manchester Leasing Company.

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Release Program

  • Do you want to continue to lease the vehicle you presently have but your current leasing company does not offer this option to you?
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Equipment Leasing

  • Through Manchester Leasing Company, you can lease just about any type of equipment, even if you already own it.
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Vendor Programs

  • Are you a manufacturer or reseller of equipment and would like to offer an alternative form of financing to your clients? Call us to establish a leasing program for your customers!
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